Encouraging our community’s youth to do the “write” thing!

Since 2003, Miami Writes has provided the forum and support for identifying, motivating, and validating our community’s next generation of writers through its affiliation with The Scholastic Writing Awards (The Awards).

Established in 1923, The Awards encourages creativity in young people and recognizes the outstanding writing that comes out of our nation’s classrooms. With the support of more than 100 regional affiliations across the nation, including Miami Writes, The Awards have grown into the largest, longest-running, and most generous recognition program for young people in the United States. Learn more

What student alumni say...

“Writing is a hard and lonely craft. The Awards let me know that I’m not alone in it.“
— A. Fowers

“I write because every cell in my body depends on it.“ — S. Sedighm

“I take joy in flashing the most intimate parts of myself, the crevices in my mind where only pens can reach the corners.“ — M. Garces

“I am an artist. I paint unique sceneries with the adjectives and verbs. My tool is a pen, my canvas is a sheet of paper, and my techniques are thick strokes of dialogue, description, and development.“ — A. Neira